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“I stepped off the plane and into Chattanooga just in time to catch the end of the annual River Bend festival. Pat Benatar was rockin' the crowd like it was 1980 something and the southern summer time night was full of sweet smelling honeysuckle and wild kudzu scaling random fences. Tonight there was magic in the air, people really enjoying themselves and coming together simply to celebrate life, unified by music and a mild warmth still radiating from the earth which had been kissed by 80 degree sunshine all day.

I was the only flight attendant on our trip in to the city, so the captain was kind enough to take the first officer and myself to dinner. Afterwards, he headed back to the hotel to get some rest, but the f/o and I were more interested in discovering the night time activities in Chattanooga, and learning about each other. We wandered to several bars around our hotel, having a great time together, before we found ourselves back at our crew hotel: the old, haunted Sheraton downtown.

The lavish surroundings of the hotel were amazing. Rich reds and gold upholstered furniture provided delightful respite in the lounge for guests waiting for their rooms or other members of their party before heading out to explore the city. We bypassed the lounge and reached our destination: the luxurious whirlpool. Three horizontal slats in a marble wall pushed water out into the pool. The entire body of water was surrounded by deep, red cherry wood.”

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