Growing up, my mother constantly had her nose in a book and often read to me and my sister, Val!. Together, Val! and I wrote our first story at age 5 (well, mostly I wrote it and she illustrated it). I became completely enamoured with literature my freshman year in highschool. Since then, I have reveled in research papers, adored penning journal entries, and cherished every moment of letter writing. In this section, I will include some samples of my writing.

I can't stress how rewarding it is to finally get an article published.

“While it may still be odd for some of us to picture our insurance agent or investment banker sipping coffee in their PJ’s and working from their home office – that reality is becoming more and more prevalent for a variety of reasons. Companies are saving their employees money on gas or other transportation, not to mention the time they’d be traveling on the road (commuters report 1 – 3 hours each day is spent driving to and from work, not including driving to a restaurant for lunch). These seemingly savvy and caring employers also happen to be pocketing record savings on reduced office space.” Read Telecommuting, Freedom in Productivity.

My guide to San Antonio
My recommendations and snippets about where to eat, go out, and what to see in a concise, easily digestable format.

Eat: If you are planning to dine on the riverwalk and crave Tex-Mex, look no further than Rio Rio Cantina. Nachos are practically a required appetizer and all the great Mexican food staples are served... Posh, plush, extravagant, and definitely baroque describes a new, unique dining establishment in San Antonio: Circa 1900.
See: This beautiful, glittering river runs through the heart of downtown San Antonio, flanked by delicious restaurants, colorful awnings, tempting shops, and the jubilant sound of mariachi bands.
Out: Perhaps it's the men in kilts or sultry go-go boot wearing cocktail waitresses that draw the masses to Mad Dog's British Pub. This place is always packed and guarantees a fun night out...” Read more.

Letting passion and randomness take control.