To Eat:
Practically an institution in San Antonio, family owned and operated Mi Tierra has been serving world-famous Tex-Mex since 1941. Chicken fajitas and jumbo margaritas keep patrons coming back, not to mention the festive Christmas decorations which are up all year round. Opened 24 hours every day of the year, they are impossibly easy to fit into even the tightest schedule. Roving mariachis?
Landry's has done it again. They've picked the perfect location to open a first rate seafood restaurant. Their position at a bend in the river where tourists constantly pass between lively entertainment venues and their hotels make this restaurant an excellent destination for mingling and people watching. The menu features delectable snow crab legs, indulgent sauces, and a ton of oyster options. This establishment is great for a romantic date, business dinner, or even a fun night out.
If you are planning to dine on the riverwalk and crave Tex-Mex, look no further than Rio Rio Cantina. Nachos are practically a required appetizer and all the great Mexican food staples are served: enchiladas, fajitas, tortillas, rice, beans, and of course, chips & salsa. Interesting specialties include ribs, chimichangas, chipotle chicken (my sister’s favorite!), fresh fish entrees, and margarita cheesecake for dessert. Servers are dressed in festive Mexican garb, indoor and outdoor seating is available on two levels, and vibrant, colorful decor sets the tone for lively conversations.

Inside the Loop:
Tomatillos on Broadway is the place to go for excellent enchiladas. Try the Tres Colors Enchiladas for a sampling of what they have to offer. If hot sauce is your thing, you'll enjoy the fresh salsa delivered to your table, but for a real treat, request that your server bring you some Mata La Muela (to kill a mule). This stuff is delicious, and as the name implies, muy caliente! Great and fun margarita choices and an unbeatable tequila selection can be found here as well. Try the Fiesta Margarita!
Posh, plush, extravagant, and definitely baroque describes a new, unique dining establishment in San Antonio: Circa 1900. Many items in this lovely, white table cloth restaurant are antiques for sale, even down to the candelabra on the table. Recently they have opened an adjoining wine bar with live music, a dance floor, and a loft for the more private types.
Delicious and authentic Tex-Mex can be found at Los Barrios. Go for the fajitas and carne guisada. They also have some of the best pico de gallo around!

The Quarry
The Quarry is an area of town that combines entertainment and shopping like so many other locations in San Antonio, but in a more trendy atmosphere. Here you can stroll from shop to shop enjoying the nice weather, catch a movie and grab a bite to eat at a variety of restaurants. A great choice is P.F. Chang for their excellent wine selection, seared ahi tuna appetizer (try the dumplings, too!), and Sea Bass that definitely shouldn't be missed! Their wait staff is possibly the best in the city, offering suggestions if you ask and catering to your every need without making you feel rushed. Canyon Cafe is a Southwestern style eatery with menu options to satisfy even the pickiest eater as well as signature margaritas and lemonade. Familiar restaurants such as EZ's, Chili's, and Joe's Crab Shack are here too. In the mood for something different? Koi Kawa has everything you'd require from a Japanese sushi restaurant and offers grilled items, including chicken, pork and steak as well. If you are looking for French food, you won't have to go far. Metropolitain has some of the best pastries and coffee available anywhere. They also offer delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with a comprehensive wine list, and all of this is served in a European-style cafe, replete with miniature patio furniture and chairs.

To See:
Alamo (mission trail)
The Alamo has always been the biggest tourist attraction in San Antonio. A wonderfully preserved historical site with educational tours and lush grounds inside the fort walls make this a popular location for individuals and families alike. The Alamo is a monument to Texan pride and perseverance. Located in the center of the city, it is an opportune place to begin a walking tour of downtown or start your trip down the Mission Trail.
The Mission Trail is a 9 mile path along the San Antonio river, incorporating the five missions in and around San Antonio, beginning with the Alamo and including Missions San Jose, San Juan, Espada, and Concepcion. None of these parks charge admission and the trail is accessible by car.

Riverwalk - Everyone knows about the San Antonio Riverwalk. This beautiful, glittering river runs through the heart of downtown San Antonio, flanked by delicious restaurants, colorful awnings, tempting shops, and the jubilant sound of mariachi bands. The Riverwalk is a wonderful place to sit and people watch or take an informational tour ride on one of the festive barges that float down the river.

El Mercado, the Mexican Market, is a regular stop for tourists. Texas-themed merchandise abounds, as does locally created food and art for your shopping indulgence. This is also the spot for the Museo Americano Smithsonian, still under construction.

To Go Out:
Pat O'Brian's lives up to its New Orleans namesake. Rambunctious patrons sing to requested songs provided by a team of two joke cracking pianists. There are three bars, a balcony, and a patio area featuring a water fountain with flames leaping into the sky. You can also enjoy a meal during the day at this location, but definitely have a Hurricane or two when night descends.

Perhaps it's the men in kilts or sultry go-go boot wearing cocktail waitresses that draw the masses to Mad Dog's British Pub. This place is always packed and guarantees a fun night out. Excellent bartenders serve up any mixed drink you can fathom in a fast paced environment, often swirling and tossing containers Cocktail-style into the air. There is a dance floor, adjacent martini bar, and back room with pool tables. Make no mistake, the energy is intense and the singles are on the prowl. Pub fare is available during the day.

Polly Esther's is unquestionably the most popular riverwalk nightclub, with three levels of dancing, drinking, and socializing. This venue caters to an array of audiences. The 80's still reign supreme in the Culture Club, Top 40 hits pulsate in Club Expo, and Suite 212 provides respite from the electronic beats in a lounge environment with high end liquor, cigars, and often live music.

Durty Nelly's Pub is a treat for your senses. The sounds of Irish drinking songs will greet your ears as soon as you enter, so you'll scarcely notice the crunch of peanuts under your feet. A humorous piano player leads the patrons in chorus and beer is on tap for the willing. Don't overlook this dark, cozy tavern festooned with Irish decor.

Sleek, dark, and booming with 30 somethings, Zinc Bar is slightly removed from the downtown tourist hustle and bustle. Still within walking distance of the Riverwalk and Alamo, Zinc offers wines by the glass or bottle, cocktails, cigars, and hors d'ouevres which you can order to share in either the bar or backroom lounge area.

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